1. The Winter Walk
    The Winter Walk
  2. The Couple - Private Collection
    The Couple - Private Collection
  3. Stones. Private Collection
    Stones. Private Collection
  4. Wood Glass & Slate
    Wood Glass & Slate
  5. Washed to Shore
    Washed to Shore
  6. The Old Fram Track
    The Old Fram Track
  7. Drifting to Shore
    Drifting to Shore
Charlie Bluett's vivid color field works show an intense ethereal beauty,  use of space, surface, texture and color. They demand of the viewer a moment of their time, allowing their minds to wander amongst the fine spatial sensibility and color inflection that lies before them.  His works bring to mind a combination of the passionate elements familiar in Rothko's collective bands of rythmic color and Vicente's movement through color forms that appear within the canvas and Bacon's surface blends of colour and yet they maintain through his unique creative process,  a complete and resounding self expression.